Interview with Lilia Mokrani – Customer Services Manager




Interview with Lilia Mokrani – Customer Services Manager

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1. What did you do before joining Sogexia?

Before joining Sogexia, I worked as an advisor for Société Générale, a major banking group, for almost 2 years.

By working directly with customers, I was able to discover the importance of cultivating solid, lasting relationships. I realised that customer satisfaction depends not only on the quality of the products or services offered, but also on the way we interact with them.

I was also attracted by the dynamic and constantly evolving nature of the banking sector. I realised that this sector offers many opportunities for innovation and creativity in the development of financial products, portfolio management and the use of new technologies. I was fascinated by the complexity of financial markets and the need for in-depth analysis to make informed decisions.

2. Why did you join Sogexia?

I decided to join Sogexia because of the human aspect and the prospects for development in a fast-growing company.

I wanted to get involved in a company on a human scale, contribute to its growth and take part in innovative projects. This is exactly what has happened over the last five years. The company has grown significantly, as have I, from customer advisor to customer service manager.

3. How would you sum up the recruitment process?

I would sum up the recruitment process at Sogexia as being marked by accessibility and friendliness.

I had the opportunity to talk directly to the CEO, which gave me a better understanding of what the job entailed and what was at stake when I took up the post, as well as the changes that were to come.

Throughout the process, I was impressed by the availability of the team and the genuine interest shown in my application. This positive experience gave me confidence in my decision to join Sogexia and to invest myself fully in this new professional opportunity.

4. What stood out for you during the integration process?

What particularly struck me during the induction process at Sogexia was the spirit of mutual support that reigns among the staff. As soon as I arrived, I was warmly welcomed and supported by my colleagues, who shared their knowledge and experience to make it easier for me to adapt to the working environment.

I now believe in the importance of mutual support and collaboration in achieving our collective objectives, and this is a value that I value and that I am now endeavouring to pass on to my teams.

5. Tell us about your role as Customer Service Manager at Sogexia.

As Head of Customer Service at Sogexia, my main role involves the day-to-day management of a team of advisers responsible for responding to customer queries. This includes steering the business and day-to-day operations, assigning tasks, monitoring performance indicators and implementing improvement strategies.

Concentration, meticulous attention to detail and strict adherence to established guidelines and rules are essential to ensure that activities run smoothly. Priority must be given to complying with legal requirements while ensuring that customer requests are dealt with satisfactorily and on time.
6. What qualities do I need to be an effective Customer Service Manager?

To be a successful Customer Service Manager, in addition to solid technical experience and in-depth knowledge of banking procedures and rules, it is important to know how to remain human and empathetic. This means listening to the concerns of customers and employees alike, actively understanding their needs and providing clear, appropriate and prompt answers to their queries.

7. How would you sum up your day-to-day work as Customer Services Manager at Sogexia?

My day-to-day work as Customer Services Manager is very rewarding and stimulating. Every day is different thanks to the continuous growth of the company. I work with the technical teams and other staff to improve procedures and ensure customer satisfaction.

Finally, because of the company’s rapid growth, my role is constantly evolving. I’m constantly having to develop new skills and adapt to the changing needs of the company and its customers. This constant evolution keeps me motivated, learning new things and actively contributing to the company’s success.

8. What is your biggest daily challenge as Head of Service?

One of my biggest challenges as Head of Service has been to offer customers a human customer service, where every customer is treated as an individual. This means personalising interactions, understanding the specific needs of each customer and finding solutions tailored to their situation. By ensuring that every customer feels listened to, respected and well looked after. We strive to meet this challenge every day.

9. You worked for other companies before joining Sogexia. Can you describe how your experience at Sogexia differs from your previous experiences?

My experience at Sogexia is different from my previous experiences. Sogexia offered me opportunities for rapid development thanks to the company’s dynamic growth. I was able to broaden my responsibilities and develop my skills at a sustained pace. What’s more, the prevailing spirit of innovation creates a motivating professional environment that’s conducive to personal fulfilment. I’ve been encouraged to come up with new ideas, push the boundaries and explore new ways of doing things.

Sogexia has really been a springboard for my career, allowing me to gain diverse experience and grow professionally.

10. Which of Sogexia’s 6 values resonates most with you and why?

Of the 5 values, empathy resonates with me the most. At Sogexia, empathy is not just a value, but a fundamental approach to our relationship with our customers, as well as with each other. By putting ourselves in the other person’s shoes and considering each individual at their true value, we aim to exceed their expectations and create lasting relationships based on trust and satisfaction.

Sogexia’s 6 values:

  • Excellence: Providing high-quality services, ensuring an exceptional customer experience at every interaction;
  • Innovation: Constantly seeking to adopt new technologies and innovate to improve the customer experience;
  • Accessibility: Making payment accounts accessible to everyone, regardless of their geographical or financial situation;
  • Transparency: Offer a 100% pay-as-you-go pricing model, with no hidden conditions or charges;
  • Responsibility: Protect our customers’ data and funds at all times;
  • Empathy: Improve our services based on feedback from our customers.

11. If you could talk to future Sogexia candidates, what would you tell them?

If I could talk to future Sogexia candidates, I would tell them that this experience within the company is enriching, rewarding and stimulating. They will have the opportunity to make an active contribution to a real project, to grow professionally and to learn within dynamic and caring teams.