CAF benefits and procedures for the self-employed




CAF benefits and procedures for the self-employed

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Are you self-employed and facing financial difficulties? France offers a broad range of support schemes for you. In this article, we explore the financial assistance available from the CAF and the necessary steps to access it.

Who are self-employed workers?

Understanding the term 'self-employed' can be complex due to various legal statuses and conventions. It encompasses liberal professionals, tradespeople, shopkeepers, self-employed entrepreneurs, and micro-entrepreneurs, who benefit from a simplified tax regime.

In essence, you are considered self-employed if:

- You are not an employee;

- You manage your business independently.

What is the CAF?

The CAF, or Caisse d'Allocations Familiales, is a branch of the French social security system, primarily known for distributing family welfare benefits. However, its services extend much further, offering social benefits for which you may be eligible.

What self-employed workers can claim from the CAF

The CAF provides various benefits depending on your personal circumstances and work income:

- Family allowances are available from the birth of a child, with the amount varying according to your family's resources and composition;

- Housing benefits are accessible whether you are a homeowner or a tenant, assisting with housing costs;

- Allocations aux adultes handicapés (Disabled Adults' Allowance) ensures a minimum income for adults with a certain level of disability;

- Revenu de Solidarité Active (RSA) supports those with low incomes;

- Prime d'activité (Activity Allowance) supplements your income and encourages work.

Under specific conditions, the CAF may also offer loans for home improvements (up to €1,067.14) and the purchase of essential equipment and furniture.

A closer look at the RSA

The RSA is designed for individuals who cannot earn enough to maintain a minimum standard of living. Eligibility requires that you are working or actively seeking to improve your employment situation. For self-employed individuals, RSA is calculated based on your declared annual professional income.

Minimum Conditions for Claiming the RSA

- Be aged 25 or over, unless pregnant or with a dependent child;

- Be a French or European citizen with a right of residence, or a foreigner legally residing in France for at least five years;

- Reside in France.

RSA benefits are reassessed every three months based on your declared income.

More on the Activity Allowance

The activity allowance aims to boost the income of workers on modest incomes to encourage them to take up or resume work. For the self-employed, this is calculated based on professional income, with a flat-rate amount of €595.25, recalculated quarterly and paid monthly.

Minimum Conditions for the Activity Allowance

- Be aged 18 or over;

- Engage in professional activity and earn a modest income;

- Be a stable and effective resident of France.

Before applying, you can use the simulators on the CAF website to estimate your entitlements.

Steps You Need to Take

To access CAF benefits as a self-employed professional, follow these steps:

- Create an account on the CAF website, crucial for all benefit applications;

- Declare your self-employed status, family situation, and income to allow the CAF to assess your entitlements accurately;

- Provide necessary supporting documents, such as business account statements and tax notices.

Still unsure about what income to declare? A practical information sheet is available to assist you. Regularly update your file to maintain and adjust benefit payments. If your income increases, inform the CAF promptly to prevent overpayments, which must be reimbursed later.

The CAF and URSSAF provide an interactive online tutorial to help you identify your rights and guide you through the necessary steps based on your situation.

Whether you contact the CAF directly or through specialist associations, do not hesitate to seek assistance with administrative procedures. Plan ahead, as application processing can be lengthy.

In summary, as a self-employed professional, a wide range of support is available to help you in your business and daily life. With a clear understanding of your rights and the necessary steps, you can effectively access the help you need.

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