Launch of French IBANs




Launch of French IBANs

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Following a considerable number of requests, we are delighted to announce the launch of French IBANs.

Why French IBANs?

Sogexia accounts are natively associated with Luxembourg IBANs, and we unfortunately realised that many French companies and public institutions do not accept (or have great difficulty in accepting) non-French IBANs, despite the fact that this is illegal.

How to get a French IBAN?

French IBANs are available to individuals and companies domiciled in France (Metropolitan or DOM/TOM).

To obtain one, simply click on the “IBAN/RIB” tab of your online account and then on the “Add a French IBAN” button.

If you request a French IBAN, the Luxembourg IBAN associated with your account will continue to function as usual. You will therefore be free to use either one or the other, depending on your needs.

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