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Payment solutions

Open your online account today and discover payment solutions designed to simplify, secure and optimise your cash flow. 

Mastercard cards

French and Luxembourg IBAN

Bulk transfers

Cash deposits

Illustration Classique ou Métal ?

Classic or metal.

Choose the Mastercard that makes sense for you, so you can manage your money your way, whatever your business type. With no constraints or unnecessary commitments, not even with the classic version.

From 4.96€/year

High limits: spending limits designed to meet the needs of professionals.

Unlimited: cards for you and your teams

Dual IBAN for transfers under any circumstances

With Sogexia's dual IBAN, you'll never have to worry about paying and getting paid.

Luxembourg IBAN

The Luxembourg IBAN allows you to have an account in Luxembourg and benefit from the associated regulatory conditions.

French IBAN

If you reside in France (metropolitan France or French overseas departments and territories), you can obtain a French IBAN in addition to the Luxembourg IBAN and use either one freely.

Illustration Un double IBAN,
pour payer et être payé
en toute circonstance.  
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No shortage of solutions for collecting payments

Cash payments

You can deposit up to €9,500 a month in cash at any of our 10,000 partner tobacconists in mainland France and the French overseas departments, and have the money credited directly to your account.

Credit your account by bank card

Transfer up to €6,000/month to your business account in real time using a Mastercard or Visa card.

Electronic payment terminals

Easily accept card payments while benefiting from competitive commission rates

Discover Smile&Pay Terminals

Simplify your expenses and invoices

Gain peace of mind and efficiency: programme the addition of beneficiaries and automate the payment of your invoices and expenses.

B2B SEPA Direct Debits

To pay your taxes and URSSAF (French social security) contributions.

Direct debits

To pay your suppliers or other recurring expenses. Unlimited

Bulk transfers

To make several transfers simultaneously. Up to 500 transfers at once

Instant transfers

For free and instant transfers between Sogexia accounts. Up to €15,000/month on a rolling basis.

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It's time to choose

For 10 years, our driving force has been to be there for you. Every time, in every situation.

Clear pricing

100% pay-as-you-go - you only pay for what you use. No overdrafts, no premiums, no hidden fees.

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Easy-to-reach advisers

Get a quick answer to your question by phone and email 6 days a week. Our team is here for you.

100% online account

Easily manage your account on your computer or phone, without having to go out of your way.