Interview with Aurélien Tréhout – Product Manager




Interview with Aurélien Tréhout – Product Manager

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1. What did you do before joining Sogexia?

Before joining Sogexia, my career can be summed up in two parts: the first was purely commercial for almost 10 years, the second was product-oriented.

I’ve had the chance to work in a variety of environments, both in terms of the business sector and the issues and processes specific to VSEs, SMEs and large companies.

These experiences have given me a broad perspective on what customers need from a product like Sogexia.

2. Why did you join Sogexia?

I joined Sogexia with the aim of working with them on a product aimed at both private individuals and professionals. I find it very interesting, from a product point of view, to be able to combine different issues and needs through the same interface.

Over and above the job itself, what motivated me to join Sogexia was the corporate culture. It’s a company where the objective is a collective one: to deliver a quality product to our customers. All the teams work together to achieve it.

I knew very little about the company, but through our discussions, I found the challenge interesting and motivating. That’s why I decided to join, and I don’t regret my decision at all.

3. How would you sum up the recruitment process?

The recruitment process at Sogexia was remarkably simple and efficient, reflecting the company’s philosophy. In less than two weeks, I was able to complete all the stages of the process, which is quite impressive.

What particularly impressed me was that the recruitment interviews were not at all formal and rigid. Here, I felt a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, where exchanges were privileged.

From the very first interview, I was pleasantly surprised by the warm welcome I received. The recruiters were open and interested in my personality and skills, and they took the time to talk to me in depth. I really felt that I was listened to and understood.

What’s more, the recruitment process was very transparent. At every stage, I was informed of what was going to happen next and what the deadlines were. This made me feel confident and knew what to expect.

4. What stood out for you in the integration process?

The friendliness of my colleagues. As soon as I arrived at the company, everyone was there to help me get started.

Thanks to this warm atmosphere, I was quickly able to familiarise myself with the company’s objectives, the various tasks and duties I had to perform, as well as the expectations and quality standards to be met. Their support enabled me to quickly understand the challenges and priorities of my new role.

My colleagues also took the time to introduce me to the company culture. They explained the values and principles that guide our day-to-day actions. Thanks to their explanations and concrete examples, I was quickly able to adapt to this culture and integrate fully into the team. I now feel completely at ease and confident in my role, ready to contribute actively to the company’s success.

5. Tell us about your role as Product Manager at Sogexia.

My role is to define and monitor the development of the next functionalities of our product in collaboration with the business teams.

To do this, I spend part of my time meeting different people to understand their specific needs. These discussions enable me to gather valuable information about user expectations and market requirements.

Once I have identified these needs, my role is to translate them clearly and precisely for the technical teams responsible for developing the functionalities. I therefore need to be able to communicate effectively with these two stakeholders, using a language that is adapted to each of them.

At the same time, I’m also responsible for monitoring feature development. I make sure that the technical teams are progressing in accordance with the specifications and deadlines set. I’m in regular contact with the developers to make sure they understand our needs and to answer any questions or difficulties they may have.

Personally, I find this very motivating, as it gives me the opportunity to get involved in various projects that will contribute to the overall success of the company.

6. What qualities do you need to be a successful Product Manager?

In my opinion, to succeed in my job, it’s essential to have a global and complete vision of our field of activity. That means being able to understand the different facets and issues involved.

Secondly, it’s vital to remain curious and have a constant thirst for learning. Technologies and methods evolve rapidly, and it’s essential to stay up to date to remain competitive. Being curious also enables us to explore new ideas and find opportunities for innovation.

Furthermore, having an analytical mind is an essential quality. This means being able to collect and analyse data, understand trends and consumer behaviour, and draw relevant conclusions. An analytical mind enables you to make decisions based on facts and figures, rather than assumptions or hunches.

Finally, it is crucial to understand that the only interest is the business interest. This means that all our actions and decisions must be guided by it. It is essential to improve our products and services to satisfy our customers and meet their needs and expectations.

7. How would you sum up your day-to-day work as Product Manager at Sogexia?

My daily routine is very varied and each day is unique. I’m constantly thinking about and developing new features for our products. This means working closely with the development teams to understand user needs and come up with innovative solutions.

In addition to this, I also ensure that the functionality previously delivered is of the highest quality. This means carrying out in-depth tests to detect any bugs or performance problems, and working with the developers to resolve them quickly.

Another important part of my job is to understand the company’s internal processes and identify areas for improvement. This might include optimising workflows, automating repetitive tasks or implementing new, more efficient ways of working.

8. What has been your biggest challenge as Product Manager?

My greatest challenge was to acquire a broad and in-depth vision of my job. It wasn’t enough just to know the technical and practical aspects of the sector, but also to understand our customers’ needs and expectations.

To achieve this, I had to invest time and energy in researching and analysing the needs of the market. I’ve studied industry trends and developments, analysed consumer behaviour and sought to understand the factors that influence their purchasing decisions.

At the same time, I’ve also worked closely with the company’s various teams.

This learning process was long and sometimes difficult, but it enabled me to develop a global vision of our businesses. I have acquired a thorough understanding of our customers’ needs and expectations, which has enabled me to propose appropriate solutions and contribute to the company’s success.

9. You worked for other companies before joining Sogexia. Can you describe how your experience at Sogexia differs from your previous ones?

My experience at Sogexia is unique. At Sogexia, our aim is to put the customer at the centre of our decisions, so that we can make the best choices. We see each customer as unique, so every problem is dealt with.

To my knowledge, the company is one of the few payment institutions where responsiveness is so high. We have short decision-making cycles, which means we can be as responsive as possible for our customers.

10. Which of Sogexia’s 6 values resonates most with you and why?

It’s hard to choose because all these values are so important to me.

But what I like most is accessibility. Giving everyone the chance to access quality services on an equal footing. Our slogan “The account for everyone” is our spearhead. With us, every customer is treated in the same way: the right way.

This is also reflected within the company. You can contact anyone via our internal platform to ask for help or information.

Sogexia’s 6 values :

  • Excellence: Providing high-quality services, ensuring an exceptional customer experience at every interaction;
  • Innovation: Constantly seeking to adopt new technologies and innovate to improve the customer experience;
  • Accessibility: Making payment accounts accessible to everyone, regardless of their geographical or financial situation;
  • Transparency: Offer a 100% pay-as-you-go pricing model, with no hidden conditions or charges;
  • Responsibility: Protect our customers’ data and funds at all times;
  • Empathy: Improve our services based on feedback from our customers.

11. If you could talk to future Sogexia candidates, what would you tell them?

Sogexia is a company where everyone can develop within an iterative framework. We all work together to satisfy new customers every day. We’re always trying to improve, sometimes we make mistakes, but persistence is the path to success.