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Your payment methods

Solutions for paying and getting paid, so you can focus on what really counts for you.

Mastercard cards

French and Luxembourg IBAN

Transfers and direct debits

Cash deposits

Illustration Classique ou Métal ?

Classic or Metal?

Choose the Mastercard that's right for you, so you can manage your money the way you want, whatever your situation. With no constraints or unnecessary commitments, not even with the classic version.

From €3.30 / year

Contactless: For fast, secure transactions.

High limits: Maximum flexibility for your spending.

3D Secure: An extra layer of security for your online purchases.

A dual IBAN, to pay and be paid whatever the circumstances.

Receive and send transfers using the IBAN you receive when you open your account.

Luxembourg IBAN

The Luxembourg IBAN allows you to have an account in Luxembourg and benefit from the associated regulatory conditions.

French IBAN

If you reside in France (metropolitan France or DOM/TOM), you can obtain a French IBAN in addition to the Luxembourg IBAN and use either one freely.

Illustration Un double IBAN,
pour payer et être payé
en toute circonstance.  
Illustration Virements et prélèvements.

Transfers and direct debits

Manage your transactions in two clicks from your online account or via the Sogexia app.

SEPA transfers

For all your payments within the 37 countries of the SEPA zone. You only pay for incoming transfers. Outgoing transfers are free.

SWIFT transfers

To receive funds from outside the SEPA zone.

Automatic withdrawals

To automate the payment of your bills and subscriptions.

Instant transfers

For free, instant transfers between Sogexia accounts. Up to €5,000 per month on a rolling basis

How to credit your account.

Top up your account according to your needs, simply and securely.

In cash

Up to €1500 / month

  • Enter the amount you wish to deposit via your personal account area

  • Choose your nearest location from over 10,000 tobacconists in mainland France and the French overseas departments

  • Generate your barcode

  • And deposit your cash securely

By bank card

Up to €3,000 / month

Credit funds instantly to your Sogexia account using any Mastercard or Visa card.

Illustration Les autres manières
de créditer votre compte.

Open an account today in just 5 minutes.

Accessible to everyone, with no hidden costs.

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aujourd’hui, en 5 min.