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Increase your cash flow by selling your outstanding invoices with our partner Edebex.

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Payment within 72 hours

Full financing without deposit

No strings attachedt

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Why use factoring?

Sell your outstanding receivables to investors and recover your invoice amount before the due date to facilitate cash management, maximise working capital and simplify cash flow.

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What are the eligibility requirements?

Invoices issued to private companies (B2B)

Head office located in France (including French overseas departments and territories), Luxembourg, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain or Portugal.

The invoice must be issued to customers established in one of the following countries: France (including DOM/TOM), Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Gibraltar, Spain and Portugal.

Minimum amount per invoice: €5,000 incl. VAT

Services performed and/or goods delivered (no advance payments)

At least 30 days between the upload date and the due date

On average, the cost of selling an invoice is around 3.5% and depends on the invoice amount, the creditworthiness of your customer and the due date shown on your invoice.

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Boost your cash flow today


Receive payment of your invoices within 72 hours directly into your Sogexia account.

Full payment

Take advantage of 100% financing for your invoices, without having to provide a deposit or personal guarantee.


No commitment on the amount or duration. You are free to select the invoices you wish to sell, depending on your specific needs.


The more invoices you sell, the lower Edebex's rates will be.

In partnership with

Set up in Belgium in 2013, Edebex is a payment institution specialising in factoring, which offers companies in need of liquidity the possibility of selling their open invoices to investors, thereby boosting their cash flow.

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