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Manage your budget your way.

Stay in control of your budget and save money every day.

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Take back control over your money

Discover our solutions to support your financial well-being.

Real-time notifications

Receive emails on all your account movements and activate threshold alerts so you're never in the red.

An overview of your spending

Obtain detailed insight into your expenditure items with unlimited account history and visual statistics.

Customised budget management

Create categories for a tailor-made breakdown of your finances and identify where you can save.

Your documents, always at hand

View and download your account statements online, without waiting, from your personal space.

Save up to 20% every day!

Payez moins pour vos courses et vos loisirs chez plus de 1 400 marques. Vous pouvez même multiplier vos avantages grâce aux e-cartes cadeaux, codes promos et bons plans !

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A woman sitting on a couch holding a tablet.

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