We are pleased to inform you that Sogexia has now more than 100,000 customers, out of which +15,000 companies and +85,000 individuals in more than 25 different countries.

Every day, you are more and more to join us on the journey to reinvent banking and we wanted to thank you all for your loyalty since the launch of the new Sogexia payment accounts 2 years ago in November 2016.

Our teams are getting bigger as well in order to answer all your queries, with always the same level of quality which is our leitmotiv.

Please, rest assured that we are currently working hard on delivering very expected new services for the beginning of 2019. Therefore, stay tuned!

Help us continue to reinvent banking

We would never have come there without you. A 10€ bonus will be credited on your account for each Sogexia account opened by one of your relatives. To invite them, log in to your Sogexia account, click on the Referral tab then follow the procedure detailed on this page.

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