This article refers to an old product which is no longer marketed.

The first payment method for commercial discounts and incentives dedicated to the network of Renault agents and garages.

Sogexia announces the launch of the Sodicam² prepaid payment card issued on the MasterCard network. The card will be used to pay Sodicam² commercial discounts and incentives to the 4,500 French Renault agents and garages.

The card will be distributed within the network by Sodicam² teams. Once loaded and activated, it can be used worldwide in every point of sale and ATM accepting MasterCard. The users can activate their cards by SMS and manage their purchases through a dedicated online portal.

Prepaid incentive cards are a very powerful means to recognize performance, drive sales and build brand awareness. The launch was a great success and the cards have been very well received by the Renault users, which underlines the high potential of this product in France. All the more so as this programme was initially intended to be a unique operation but has been extended to all their incentive operations, in substitution of their coupons and gift certificates.
Kilian Füg, CEO

Prepaid incentive and loyalty cards are the ideal support to make any marketing or business transaction unforgettable and are an innovative method with high added value to improve brand recognition. Their primary purpose is to allow organisations to reward their customers by offering them the ability to consume more, as with traditional vouchers, exclusive deals and gift vouchers. But the most interesting part of using prepaid cards is that they constitute a new way to offer all the services of a standard payment card. Once loaded, they can be used at all merchants, websites and ATMs accepting MasterCard and can be customised in the colours of the company or deal.

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