This article refers to an old product which is no longer marketed.
Suitable for those nervous about buying online, parents not wanting to leave their credit card with their teens, those looking for a means of payment or simply wanting to get rid of their bank. Today it is possible to buy a payment card at a point of sale, like a phone card, and to load it with the desired amount. It can be used internationally (purchases and withdrawals) safely for controlled management and anonymity. A real revolution!

A payment card available to all

The Prestige MasterCard card is a payment card:
  • With no bank account required
  • Reloadable at will
  • Usable immediately after purchase
  • No overdraft possible (only the funds loaded can be spent)
Since the 15th September, the card is proposed at €19.95 (valid for 3 years) in over 20,000 outlets in France (tobacco shops, newsagents) and on the Sogexia website. It is reloadable in cash at the same retailers using Corpedia Financial vouchers (denominations of 20, 50, 100 and 150 Euros) and online by credit cards and bank transfers. Customer experience is simple and the card can be used immediately after purchase: 1) Purchase at a point of sale 2) Activation by SMS and instant receipt of a PIN 3) First load and immediate use

The first prepaid Gold MasterCard card

Membership to the MasterCard network allows cardholders to use it worldwide for all payments and withdrawals at more than 34 million points of sale, on the Internet and at ATMs. The MasterCard Prestige card also offers a unique range of services. All operations can be carried out via SMS (loading, data checking, blocking, etc), an innovation allowing access to your payment method at all times and everywhere. The card has high limits and payment caps. Up to €1,000 can be loaded anonymously without any ID. Thereafter, the maximum available balance may be increased to €15,000 after upgrade (submission of a photocopy of proof of identity and proof of address – no solvability check is performed).

The card that increases purchasing power

In addition, the card allows you to enjoy up to 40% discounts at over 300 partner merchants, valid all year round on all products, via the Corpedia Cashback platform.

A wide target audience

The card will appeal mainly to online buyers to secure their payments (independent of their bank accounts), those without a bank account (over 4 million French people), young people to manage a budget with no risk of overdraft or to travellers and tourists looking for a card accepted internationally. Finally, the MasterCard Prestige card is great for people who regularly or occasionally send money abroad. It is indeed possible to instantly transfer funds from one Prestige card to another at a much cheaper cost than the existing physical transfer networks.
After more than two years of development, we are pleased to launch the Prestige MasterCard Card on the French market. This time allowed us to develop a payment solution accessible to all, convenient and suitable for everyday needs. Kilian Füg, CEO

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