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Easily accept debit and credit card payments

29€ HT
(49€ HT)

Accept card payments with Mini SMILE, with or without your smartphone. The ideal solution to get started.

Secure | Bluetooth and/or autonomous connection (WiFi and 3G) | Free mobile application (iOS and Android) | Colour and touch screen | Dematerialized payment ticket | Dimensions : 9.93cm(L) x 6.1cm(W) x 1.27cm(H) | Weight : 165 grams | Autonomy : 300 transactions | Warranty : 12 months (+12 in option)

249€ HT
(299€ HT)

Fixed or mobile, the Maxi SMILE is the ideal solution for efficient cash collection in all situations.

The Maxi SMILE + is the ideal solution for efficient cash handling in any situation. Robust | Secure | Integrated printer | Touch screen | Dual connectivity: 3G multi-operator offered + WiFi | Dimensions: 16,5cm(L) x 7,8cm(W) x 5,7cm(H) | Weight: 365 grams | Autonomy: 500 transactions | Warranty: 12 months

349€ HT
(399€ HT)

The Super SMILE is the ideal solution to impress your customers. Recommended for activities where payments are made one after the other.

Secure | Design | Built-in printer| Android | Dual connectivity: 4G multi-operator offered + WiFi connection | Dimensions: 18cm(L) x 8cm(W) x 5cm(H) | Weight: 466 grams | Battery life: 800-900 transactions | Warranty: 12 months (+12 optional)

Frequently asked questions

Simply log in to your Sogexia online account and click on the “Payment terminals” tab.

You will be able to proceed with your order from this page.

The set-up is very fast! It takes between 5 and 10 minutes for the order process. After ordering, your payment terminal is shipped by Colissimo 48h00.
If the need is urgent, a 24-hour delivery is also possible (at an additional cost).

You receive your card reader ready to use immediately! You can make your first payments as soon as you receive it.

Thanks to the partnership between Sogexia and Smile & Pay, you benefit from a €10 discount on the purchase of your terminal as well as reductions on payment fees.

Standard rate: 1.49% on transactions (instead of 1.65%) + 0€/month

Premium rate: 0.65% on transactions + €24/month (instead of €29/month)

Your payments will be transferred by Smile & Pay directly to your Sogexia account.

For the moment, the offer is reserved for any type of company or association based in France (Metropolitan France and DOM/TOM).

You can accept all French and international CB, Visa, Mastercard, Maestro and American Express cards.

Contactless payment (€50 maximum) is a feature available on all terminals.

ApplePAY, SamsungPAY, and AndroidPAY mobile payments are also possible on all terminals.

UnionPay cards are not accepted.

Florist, hotelier, grocer, restaurant owner, farmer… Take orders from your customers by phone by entering your customer’s credit card information directly on your payment terminal.
Functionality available on the Maxi Smile +. Soon available on the Pocket Smile + and Super Smile.

Craftsmen, shopkeepers, restaurant owners, home deliverers… Make a remote payment request by sending an email to your customers with a link to a secure Smile & Pay payment page.
Available soon.

To offer you high-performance payment terminals, compatible with your Sogexia account and at competitive rates, Sogexia has created a partnership with Smile & Pay: a payment institution authorised by the Autorité de Contrôle Prudentielle et de Régulation de la Banque de France.

Their mission: to enable all French professionals, whatever their activity or turnover, to equip themselves with a bank card payment solution in a fast, innovative, affordable and flexible way.

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