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Sell your invoices and receive the money in a few days

Choose the invoices you want to sell, submit them and receive an estimate of the amount your invoice will bring in and the fees applied. You will never have to chase your customers again, Edebex takes care of the reminders and collection.

Payment of your invoices within 72 hours on your Sogexia account


Financing of 100% of your unpaid invoices - no guarantee requested


No commitment on the amount or duration, you choose the invoices to sell

Frequently asked questions

Simply log in to your Sogexia online account and click on the “Factoring” tab.

You can subscribe to the service from this page.

  • Invoices issued to private companies (B2B);
  • Minimum amount per invoice of €5,000 including VAT;
  • Services performed and/or
    goods delivered ;
  • At least 20 days between the online date and the due date;
  • The invoice must be issued to customers established in one of the following countries France (including DOM/TOM), Luxembourg, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Gibraltar and Portugal;
  • The head office of your company is located in France (including DOM/TOM), Luxembourg, Belgium or Portugal.

On average, the cost of selling an invoice is around 4%. This percentage varies depending on the amount of your invoice, the creditworthiness of your customer and the due date mentioned on your invoice. You can also request a simulation to get a more concrete idea. It’s free, instantaneous and without obligation.

The greater the volume of invoices you assign, whether issued to one or more customers, the more advantageous Edebex will be able to offer you in terms of pricing.

In order to offer you a quick solution for financing unpaid invoices, Sogexia has created a partnership with Edebex: a payment institution specialised in factoring located in Belgium.

Their solution: offers companies in need of cash the possibility to sell their open invoices to investors, and thus boost their cash flow.

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