Switch to the dark side with dark mode

We noticed that many of you have configured your operating system in dark mode. Until now, the Sogexia online account was only available in light mode. This problem is now solved! You will no longer be dazzled by your phone screen when you check your account balance at 3am.If your PC or cell phone is

Launch of French IBANs

Following a considerable number of requests, we are delighted to announce the launch of French IBANs.Why French IBANs?Sogexia accounts are natively associated with Luxembourg IBANs, and we unfortunately realised that many French companies and public institutions do not accept (or have great difficulty in accepting) non-French IBANs, despite the fact that this is illegal.How to

Launch of a factoring solution

We are pleased to announce our new partnership with Edebex, the leader in new generation factoring. The solution allows you to sell your invoices and receive payment within a few days. In concrete terms, choose the invoices you want to sell, deposit them and receive an estimate of the amount your invoice will bring in

Launch of payment terminals

Do you have a point of sale? Now you can easily accept credit cards!We are pleased to announce the launch of payment terminals 100% compatible with your Sogexia account and at competitive rates.To offer you this new service, Sogexia has created a partnership with Smile & Pay: a payment institution authorised by the Banque de

Launch of an home insurance

To offer you a competitive and extremely simple home insurance package, we are delighted to announce our new partnership with Appenin: a subsidiary of the insurer Covéa (GMF - MMA - MAAF group).What are the advantages?Rapidity: subscribe in 3 min and receive your certificate right away. Appenin takes care of the cancellation with your current

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