At the heart of transactions

A plateform at the cutting edge of technology

All Sogexia’s products and services rely on PayDesk, a unique platform aimed to process and manage a wide range of payment solutions. Designed in-house and result of several years of development, it is exclusively dedicated to the issuing and acquisition of payment methods. PayDesk has been built in a modular way around a solid core system providing full flexibility when it comes to choosing features and settings.

PayDesk is able to manage the entire electronic payments chain, and much more:

  • Authorisation, clearing, settlement and cash flow processing;
  • Issuance of payment methods (Mastercard/Visa);
  • Acquisition of payment methods (MasterCard/Visa/JCB/American Express/PayPal, etc);
  • Processing of SEPA flows (SCT/SDD) directly connected to clearing houses;
  • Processing of SWIFT messages;
  • Bookkeeping;
  • Insurance management;
  • Management of electronic banking products (coupons, ewallets, etc);
  • Product and group configuration;
  • Management of authorisation rules;
  • Chargeback management;
  • Customer service;
  • Commercial management, statistical tools and advanced reporting;
  • Reconciliation, reporting and regulatory services<.>

PayDesk’s power lies in its ability to create and manage new types of products and programs natively without any additional development. Advanced group management can be applied to each level and can allow, for example, for different cards linked to the same account to be configured differently or to modify the permission settings of a group of cards or accounts in real time (network acceptance, ceilings and limits, fees, etc).

Furthermore, it is constructed using modules built around a core transaction management engine that allows PayDesk to quickly and easily accommodate customised developments required by new products, features or services.

Finally, PayDesk is connected to a powerful back office and API to view and modify all settings and transactions in real-time.

Infrastructure and datacenters

Performance at the service of your projects

Our datacenters hosting the PayDesk platform and the transaction management module are PCI-DSS level I certified, SAS 70 and ISO 27001, ensuring the highest level of security and data integrity.

They are built on two different sites with a certified Tier III+ redundancy and an automated failover procedure in case of failure of one of them.

The level of use of each datacenter is maintained at a maximum of 50% for optimal coverage of unexpected usage spikes.

The system has been benchmarked and supports over 1,000 transactions/second for a guaranteed connectivity rate of 1 Gb/second.

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