Areas of intervention

processus-EN We deliver turnkey banking solutions relying on all of our products, services and technologies. Your programme can be 100% adapted to the specifications and constraints of your project and tailored to your specific needs.

And because each project is different, we have adopted a set of structured processes designed to better understand your request and deliver a programme that meet your requirements as best as possible, deployed quickly and economically efficient.

Our first objective is to ensure that your programme gives you full satisfaction and is a commercial and financial success.

For each project, we can take charge of entire value chain or just a part by providing one or more specific products and services (processing, acquisition, customer service, etc).


  • A rapidly deployed turnkey solution
  • Managed 100% by Sogexia transparently or supported only in part, as needed
  • The benefit of our in-depth market knowledge through many years of experience
  • A single programme manager assigned to your project: a true expert available to assist you on a daily basis and entrusted to coordinate all the aspects of your project
  • Simple and ultra-competitive prices
  • A rigorous service level agreement

A modular support depending on the project

  • Business model definition
  • Product design
  • Creation and development of customer interfaces, designs and applications
  • Third-party integration
  • Regulatory and compliance management (AML, KYC, reporting, etc)
  • Management of financial transactions
  • Processing and technical engineering
  • Order management, incorporation, production and deliveries
  • Legal management: terms and conditions, service levels, etc
  • Counsel: marketing, finance, strategy and communication
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