User interfaces

As an option, we can deliver with all our programmes a range of user interfaces adapted to the specificities of your products.

  • 100% responsive web and mobile online accounts
  • Spending analysis tool with automated categorisation
  • Detailed transaction history with the inclusion of pictures, VAT rates and comments
  • Enrollment, account opening and card order forms
  • Iphone, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone applications
  • IVR, email and incoming/outgoing SMS
Flexible and secure
Our user interfaces suit perfectly the features of your products and services as they are 100% scalable and customisable according to the needs of each project. They offer your users the ability to access their product around the world without constraints and with a significant reduction in time-to-market and technical maintenance costs for your company. In addition, based on our processing platform, they guarantee the highest level of security and speed of access during each user session.