We issue all types of cards on the Mastercard network that can be coupled with our other services or used as a standalone solution
  • Our cards can be used worldwide throughout the Mastercard network;
  • Extended Private Label: the acceptance network can be restricted by MCC, MID, TID, time and location;
  • Instant-issued, pre-produced or on the fly;
  • Over 25 available currencies and multi-currency cards;
  • 3D Secure 2.0;
  • Contactless;
  • Customisable PIN and real-time renewal.
Full flexibility
We deliver a wide range of debit and prepaid cards integrated into bespoke or white-label solutions. We have the ability to produce customised cards on the fly, with no minimum quantity, that can be marketed in several forms (sealed pack/box, carrier, etc) and through various distribution channels (retail, e-commerce, m-commerce, bank, point of sale, etc).
Card type Description
General purpose reloadable Works like a credit card without any overdraft available. Suitable for any type of transaction (payment, withdrawal) throughout the MasterCard or Visa network.
Expenses Issued to employees to avoid having to advance expenses, to control budgets and as an alternative to classic debit/credit cards.
Gift For employees or individuals. Reloadable once. Suitable for any type of operation, open-loop or private label network.
Loyalty Identical to gift cards but can be reloaded several times. For employees or customers.
Payroll A powerful and low-cost solution for the payment of wages to employees, interns and other temporary staff, with no bank account or inadequate banking facilities.
Travel Used as an alternative to traveller’s cheques to manage a foreign budget in the company’s currency. We also have the ability to issue multi-currency cards (one card with several different balances by currency).
Transfer An efficient and cost-effective alternative to traditional money transfer networks. Usually, two cards can be issued for instant transfers from one to the other.

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