Simple and convenient, no code to enter: pay with a simple touch
The contactless NFC and BLE technologies are increasingly being accepted globally so that, within ten years, smartphones will probably have replaced wallets and will offer multiple high added-value payment solutions. Therefore, we are able to offer you a wide range of innovative and intelligent contactless payment methods.
NFC stickers for smartphones
NFC stickers (near field communication) can contain all the cardholder’s payment information. They are attached to the back of the phone to make points of sale payments by simply touching the terminal. All types of phones are therefore compatible with this technology, even those not equipped with an NFC chip.
NFC SIM cards – Mobile Wallet
The payment card data is contained in the SIM card of a NFC- compatible mobile. So the payment may be carried out in a totally transparent manner for the user, by simply presenting their phone at the payment terminal to complete the transaction.
Bluetooth BLE
Similar to NFC payment, contactless BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) payment technology allows payments be made at a distance of 10m from the terminal. Also in shops equipped with micro BLE transmitters, when a customer with a compatible smartphone enters the field, targeted information can be sent in real time to their mobile, increasing the effectiveness of marketing promotion operations.

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