Thanks to our status, we can take care of all or part of your regulatory requirements in order to allow you to only focus on your core business
  • Prudential services: risk assessment of the proposed services, support on KYC (Know Your Customer) or KYB (Know You Business) services and automated checks, account monitoring, AML/CFT controls, internal procedures, etc.;
  • Fundraising and collecting services: deposit and management of funds;
  • Payment and account maintenance services: compliance with regulations as well as internal control systems;
  • Reporting and clearing services: control of incoming and outgoing transactions, anti-fraud unit, periodic bank reconciliation and regulatory reporting.
A seamless intervention

Managing client accounts and financial transactions linked to your business (accounts, cards, money transfers, etc) sometimes entail burdensome regulatory requirements. The regulator indeed requires these activities to be fully compliant with strict rules.

Sogexia manages these prudential supervisory mechanisms and all related processes perfectly. With or without an associated payment solution, we can offer you all our regulatory expertise so you can stay focused on your customers and products.

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