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Receive your salary and be free to manage your money in complete autonomy.

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Cash in your benefits or pensions on the same day they are paid.

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No discrimination, you will be entitled to the same services and features as everyone else.

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From the age of 18, to manage your scholarship, pocket money or side income.

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Enjoy your pension freely and without conditions.

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A unique and comprehensive offer

For individuals and businesses

A European IBAN

Use one or the other as you wish - for your bank transfers and direct debits.

International Mastercard cards

In metal or plastic, with premium insurances and high limits.

A 100% web and mobile account

Accessible via your computer or iPhone/Android app. With a dark mode available to rest your eyes.

Fair and transparent pricing

100% pay-as-you-go - no commitment or subscription required. You only pay if you use your account.

Your money is safe

Founded in 2010, Sogexia is a solid financial institution present in 31 countries, audited several times a year and does not speculate with your money.

A human customer service

Rest assured that you can reach a competent advisor based in France or Luxembourg by phone or e-mail.

Even more reasons to choose Sogexia


Your bank transfers are credited as soon as they are received and your payments are displayed instantly in your transaction history.

Instant transfers

Never put multiple cards down at the dinner table again: transfers between Sogexia accounts are free and instantaneous.

International transfers

Send and receive transfers in more than 18 currencies with advantageous rates in comparison to traditional banks.


Sogexia is a payment institution authorised in Luxembourg. 100% of your funds are lodged at all times on a segregated account and are never invested nor loaned.

No bad surprises

No authorised overdraft and no hidden fees. You can get your money back at any time upon simple request.


Receive real time notifications for each transaction made: payments, ATM withdrawals, transfers and direct debits.

A range of complementary services

To go further

Metal card insurances

Exclusive insurance to compensate you in case of damage to your purchases, fraudulent use of your account, accident or death.

Payment methods

Take advantage of a wide range of options: bank transfers, direct debits, credit card deposits, cash deposits in thousands of partner shops...


A solution that allows you to increase your company's cash flow by selling your outstanding invoices.

Payment terminals

Collect credit card payments with payment terminals linked to your Sogexia account.

Enjoy the Sogexia Club

Up to 20% off at over 1200 partner brands

Frequently asked questions

To help you make sense of it

How to open an account?

You can open your account in a few minutes by clicking on the “Open an account” button. Opening an account does not require any specific financial condition or minimum revenues. You will simply need a valid ID card and a proof of residency (in your name or in the name of a third person).

What are the benefits?

With Sogexia, you get all the tools to 100% manage your account yourself and in real-time: send/cancel bank transfers, order/lock/unlock cards, revoke direct debits, etc. If nonetheless you need help, you can be assured to speak with a qualified customer representative who will make her best efforts to answer your questions as soon as possible.

In addition, all your transactions are in real-time, we credit all your bank transfers immediately with no additional delay and you get access to several features that will allow you to save money: cashback at +1200 merchants, spending analysis, international transfers with competitive foreign exchange rates and a no hidden fees guarantee.

How to get an IBAN?

After opening your account, your IBAN will be immediately available as soon as your identity documents have been verified by our team. This step usually only takes a few hours.

Is it secured?

Sogexia is a payment institution authorised and regulated by the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier of Luxembourg (n° 43/19) and owner of the European passport. We have chosen to hold 100% of your money under the safeguarding regime and to never invest or lend it. Therefore, your funds are protected and even in the unlikely event that we go bankrupt, you will be able to recover them.

Furthermore, we have developed a banking platform at the cutting-edge of technology, built on the highest security standards and which has been proving itself over the past 10 years. Its primary objective is to protect your data and funds and our entire system.

What are the cut-off times for bank transfers?

In order to provide the best service quality, we chose to register to all the existing SEPA clearing cycles with other financial institutions and to credit transfers on your account as soon as we receive them with no additional delay. You will therefore not see ongoing incoming transfers or a value date on your account.

Incoming transfers are credited as soon as we receive them. Usually we received them on the next working day of their execution date.

Outgoing SEPA transfers created in the morning are generally credited on the beneficiary account on the next working day. If you have created the transfer in the afternoon, the beneficiary will generally receive the funds on the next working day if his bank also processes transfers immediately, other two working days after.

Can we issue or receive checks?

Cashing checks will be possible within the next few months. Issuing checks will however never be possible.

Can we pay in instalments with the cards?

Our cards have no restriction applied to instalments payments. However, please note that your account must have a sufficient balance to cover each instalment when it arrives.

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