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To become the leading European bank challenger.

By offering unparalleled value for money, with: a clear and fun user experience, powerful features and 100% transparent pricing.







Authorised in Luxembourg by the CSSF as a payment institution passported in 31 countries

Authorised in France by the ACPR, the supervisory body of the Banque de France

Principal member of Mastercard authorised to issue cards across all the European Economic Area

Member of SWIFT and STEP2 for the processing of international transfers and direct debits

An independent
bank challenger

In 2010, the founder of Sogexia had a frustrating experience when he tried to open a bank account in England. Fortunately, he discovered prepaid cards and immediately saw their potential in France, where no such product existed. Sogexia launched one of the first prepaid cards with no strings attached, which was quickly sold in over 15,000 tobacconists. The results were spectacular, with thousands of people excluded from the banking system finally finding financial freedom.

Over the years, more and more companies have started to use Sogexia prepaid cards to manage their business expenses and loyalty, including prestigious names such as Renault, Mauboussin, NRJ or Johnson & Johnson. In response to the growing demand from its customers, Sogexia has built a tailor-made electronic payment platform to meet the different expectations of its customers, evolving from a simple prepaid card to 100% online payment accounts, still with no conditions or hidden fees, but with all the expected payment services.

In 2019, Sogexia obtained its payment institution licence in Luxembourg, giving it more control over the value chain while remaining an independent financial institution. This was a major milestone for Sogexia, bringing it closer to becoming the leading European bank challenger.
Sogexia has a great deal of experience in the market thanks to more than 13 years of existence. Our core business: payment services. Our driving force: our customers, full partners whose feedback allows us to continuously improve our services.
Kilian Füg
Kilian Füg
Founder and CEO

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