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By creating payment services at the cutting-edge of technology coupled with a team of highly skilled and motivated professionals.


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Authorised in Luxembourg by the CSSF as a payment institution passported in 31 countries

Branch authorised in France by the Autorité de Contrôle Prudentiel et de Résolution

Principal member of Mastercard authorised to issue cards across all the European Economic Area

Member of SWIFT and STEP2 for the processing of international transfers and direct debits

An independent
bank challenger

When the founder of Sogexia, Kilian Füg, goes in the UK for a work assignment, he has great difficulty to open a local bank account.
Fortunately, he discovers prepaid cards, which enable him to quickly get a mean of payment accepted everywhere.
When he comes back, he notices that no such solution exists in France.
He thus decides, in partnership with a UK institution, to launch the first prepaid card without conditions available off the shelf at more than 15,000 tobacco shops.
A few months later, success is achieved. Thousands of people excluded from the banking system regain their financial freedom.

More and more companies also use Sogexia prepaid cards for staff expenses and loyalty, including some of the greatest names such as Renault, Mauboussin, Janssen, NRJ or Johnson & Johnson, and the existing customers are eager for an even more complete offer. Kilian Füg surrounds himself with the best experts and starts the construction from scratch of an in-house banking platform to answer their various needs.

Three years of work later, the platform is ready. The services are upgraded, from a simple prepaid card, Sogexia now delivers 100% online payment accounts, still without conditions nor hidden fees, but with all the banking features wished by the customers.

Sogexia receives its payment institution licence in Luxembourg. The whole customer base is migrated from the former Sogexia's banking partner to its own institution. This evolution is a major turning point for Sogexia who now controls even more the value chain while remaining an independent company. This evolution will enable Sogexia to improve customer experience and provide new innovative services in order to become the first European bank challenger.

Sogexia is a young brand but has an extensive experience in the banking and payments market through skilled and proficient teams. Our core business: payment services. Our driving force: customers, fully-fledged partners whose feedbacks enable us to continually improve the quality of our services.
Kilian Füg
Kilian Füg
Founder and CEO

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