Your business account,
the way it should be:

smart, without hidden fees,
open to everyoneTerms and Conditions apply.

A payment account 100% online and mobile

InstantTerms and conditions apply
online opening, no minimum load, with an IBAN for your bank transfers.

Order up to 4 Mastercard® cards

Linked to your account, for yourself or your employees, with flexible limits and broad acceptance.

Up to 20%
rebateThis feature is optional and separated from your account agreement.
at +850 merchants

Directly credited back to your account in addition of our exclusive discount codes.

Automated spending management

Get a real-time view over your spending to understand easily where your money goes.

More than 20 000 businesses and freelancers already trust us. Join them!

"Following the new legalisation requiring to separate my professional transactions as a self-employed individual, the Business account brings me the efficiency of the essential services in addition of real solutions that help me saving and managing my money."

− Christian

"I opened an account for both of my companies and every works like a charm! Customer service is always available and the cards are accepted everywhere."

− Micka

"My business associates and myself are using multiple cards linked to the account, that with very fast bank transfers definitely changes the game!"

− Sarlin
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Scan your invoices and expense claims. Simplify your accounting.
Take a picture of your claim, then upload it to your account to link it to the corresponding transaction. Finally, export your data for an automated integration into your accounting system.
Your transactions in real-time.
Your bank transfers are credited as soon as they are received without any additional value date, and your payments are displayed immediately in your history.

Benefit from an optional insurance cover with each card

3 load methods (bank transfer, credit card, e-wallets)

Transfer money instantly to another Sogexia account

Validate important operations by SMS for a strengthen security

With Business, you get an account to load and withdraw money, process bank transfers, receive direct debits and powerful tools and services to help you manage your money.
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