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Immediate, simple and no-surprise home insurance


Subscribe in 3 minutes and receive your certificate immediately. Appenin takes care of the cancellation with your current insurer if you are already insured.


Clear and adapted insurance, with no superfluous items. Hyper-competitive rates thanks to the solidity of Appenin (subsidiary of Covéa: GMF - MMA - MAAF).

No surprise

Comprehensive protection: water damage, fire and explosion, burglary, accommodation assistance, legal defence and civil liability.

Frequently asked questions

Simply log in to your Sogexia online account and click on the “Home Insurance” tab.

You will be able to proceed to your subscription from this page.

The tariffs depend on your accommodation. They will be proposed to you during the subscription process.

Simply contact Appenin by email at or by telephone (the number will be on your home insurance certificate).

To offer you a competitive and extremely simple home insurance package, Sogexia has partnered with Appenin: a subsidiary of the insurer Covéa (GMF – MMA – MAAF group).

Their mission: to offer home insurance with a smooth user experience, competitive rates and solid guarantees.

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