How does it work?



A payment account

Without overdraft nor checkbook, for receiving and withdrawing money, cashing and issuing bank transfers, with your own IBAN.

Up to 4 Mastercard® cards

For yourself and your associates, to pay for your purchases in million of locations worldwide, online and in-store and to withdraw cash in France and abroad.

An online and mobile account

For your routine transactions to be conducted from anywhere in the world, online and over the phone.

No nasty surprises

  • You can get back your money at any time, with no explanation required.
  • No time commitment, no minimum load and no check on your financial situation.
  • No overdraft and no hidden fees or other charges.

For which companies?

The Business account is intended for every companies wishing to have an efficient and cost effective alternative to high-street bank accounts. It can manily suit to:

  • SMEs
  • Liberal professions and artisans
  • Self-employed individuals

Examples of use

The Business account can be used in many situations. For example, it can be useful for:

Your trips abroad

To travel in confidence without cash and avoiding the need to exchange money.

Remaining discreet

No checks are conducted on your credit rating and your data remains totally confidential.

Transferring money

To suppliers or for making purchases, in real time between two accounts.

Your daily purchases

To avoid the risks of overdraft and benefit from a cutting-edge account.

Your travelling expenses

Thanks to the Mastercard® cards linked to your account and the DynamicProof® solution.

Opening an account smoothly

Opening the account online is immediate and free, with no required minimum load.


By bank transfer

1) Consult your personal bank details/IBAN available in your online portal.
2) Make (you or any other person, e.g. your employer) a transfer to this IBAN of the desired amount.
3) Your account will be credited automatically as soon a the bank transfer is received.

By credit card

1) Make sure you have the credit card you want to use to load your account.
2) Log into your online portal, click on the “Load” tab, and then load you account with the desired amount by making a card payment.
3) Your account will be credited instantly.

By transfer between 2 Sogexia accounts

Bank transfers between two Sogexia accounts are instant and free of charge.

Business Mastercard® card


You can order up to 4 Business Mastercard® cards from your online portal. Each card can be embossed with the name of your wish and provides access to your funds internationally for making payments and withdrawals once upgraded.

A card at the cutting edge of technology
  • Contactless
  • Valid for 3 years
  • Chip and PIN
  • Real-time transaction tracking
  • 3rd line (first name, surname) embossed customisable when ordering
Delivery and activation

Each card is delivered to your company’s head office, inactive, within 10 working days (up to 20 days outside France). Upon receipt, you can activate the card in real-time from your online portal by clicking on the “My cards” tab, then “Activation”.

Discounts at over 850 merchants

Thanks to your Business account, you have access to the Sogexia Club saving you an average of 7% on your purchases at over 850 partner merchants throughout the year and on all products. pro-cashback

More information on :

Spending analysis

Easily understand where your money goes

Save time and enjoy managing your account and budgets.

In the blink of an eye, the Statistics tool presents your account balance, credits and debits and your transactions are automatically categorised and you can create your own categories yourself.

You no longer need to manually enter all your expenses in your third-party software. Your account now does the work for you so you know exactly where your money goes and can optimally manage your budget.

More transparency
Because the tool assists you in spotting whether a company is overcharging you (e.g. your phone company) and you always know where you are with your credits and debits.
Less expenses
Because you can view your detailed daily expenditure through graphical analysis, it is easy to reduce spending and start putting money aside.

Automation of expense reports: DynamicProof©

dynamicproof The Business account gives you access to the advanced functionality of digitisation and automation of expense reports: DynamicProof©. After each payment, you can scan, or take a photo, of the corresponding receipt and link it to the original transaction from the online portal after filling in the expenditure data (VAT rates, additional comments, etc).

You can then access, in real time, from your online portal, all the receipts and carry out a full export for automatic integration into your accounting software.

Thanks to the DynamicProof© service, your company saves a considerable amount of time in processing expenditures and gets a better view of them. The impact on management costs and speed of administration of expenses is significant.

Upgrade and usage limits

To upgrade your account, simply log into your online portal and upload the copies of the identity documents as described there.
There is no obligation to upgrade your account or any associated commitment. No check on your personal circumstances will be made using the documents sent.

Non-upgraded account Upgraded account
Maximum available balance 250€ 80 000€
Card payments in France and other countries OUI OUI
Card ATM withdrawals in France and other countries NON OUI
Outgoing bank transfers NON OUI
Incoming bank transfers NON OUI
Credit/debit card loads YES OUI
Spend limits by card
Maximum per transaction and daily 250€ 5 000€
Maximum monthly 250€ 10 000€
Maximum annual 250€ 120 000€
ATM withdrawal limits by card
Maximum per withdrawal and daily NON 650€
Maximum monthly NON 1 000€
Maximum annual NON 12 000€
Outgoing bank transfers limits
Maximum per transfer and daily NON 25 000€
Load limits
Maximum cumulative daily 250€ 25 000€
Maximum cumulative monthly 250€ 80 000€
Maximum cumulative annual 250€ 600 000€
Maximum by credit card daily 250€ 1 500€
Maximum by credit card monthly 250€ 10 000€
Maximum by credit card annual 250€ 60 000€
Maximum by bank transfer daily NON 25 000€
Maximum by bank transfer monthly NON 80 000€
Maximum by bank transfer annual NON 600 000€
Velocity limits
Maximum number of cards linked to the account 1 4
Maximum number of card payments daily 25 25
Maximum number of card payments monthly 400 400
Maximum number of ATM withdrawals daily 3
Maximum number of ATM withdrawals monthly 50
Maximum number of loads daily 30 30
Maximum number of loads monthly 400 400
Maximum number of loads quarterly 1 000 1 000
Maximum number of loads annual 4 000 4 000


The Business account includes the following free of charge:

  • An individual payment account
  • A web and phone online portal
  • E-statements and transactions in real time
  • Account and card management
  • Outgoing transfers and payments in Euros
  • Pictures and comments storage
  • The Spending analysis tool
  • Customer service by email and phone
  • Access to the Sogexia Club (cashback & discounts)

Business Account

Access to the online portal FREE
Retreival of your online portal credentials if forgotten FREE
Account opening FREE
Account management fees
Please note that an account inactivity fee of 3€/month will be charged after nine months inactivity.
Change to your personal information FREE
Email and phone customer service FREE
E-statements FREE
Advanced budget management tool FREE
Outgoing bank transfers FREE
Real time funds transfers between two Sogexia accounts FREE
Incoming bank transfersr 1,25%
Credit card loads 2,5%

Business Mastercard® card

Card order from the online portal and renewal (valid for 3 years) 14,90€
Monthly/annual management fee FREE
Activation of the card FREE
Payment in points of sale and online FREE
Cancellation at your request or due to misuse FREE
ATM withdrawal 3€
Foreign exchange mark-up (payment or withdrawal in a currency other than Euro) 2,95%
PIN reminder if forgotten 1,50€
Declined transaction 0,25€