Since 2010, Sogexia is the first French FinTech acting as innovative payment services and e-money operator and manages at international scale a wide range of innovative banking solutions: payment accounts, debit and prepaid cards, mobile payment and additional services. Sogexia offers its services to consumers, public institutions and businesses from all sectors and counts among its clients references such as Renault, Johnson & Johnson, Mauboussin or NRJ.

Sogexia is not a bank but an intermediary in payment services authorised by ORIAS and supervised by the Prudential Supervision and Resolution Authority of the Bank of France. A status conferring great flexibility and enabling the management of all financial functions, with the exception of customer deposits safeguarded with notable banking partners.

Why Sogexia ?

Sogexia was born out of our frustration of traditional banking services. We believe that they can be at the same time simple, cost saving and bring a real added value. We therefore decided to reinvent banking by creating our own banking processing platform in order to meet today’s and tomorrow’s new expectations. The result is a tool enabling us to offer payment services to the broadest public, at very competitive rates and able to easily connect to a large number of partners: banks, interbank networks, card vendors, service providers.
All this in addition of a greatly dedicated and dynamic team, powerful additional services and a strong will to rock the boat of financial services.
Sogexia is authorised by ORIAS (N°16001765) and supervised by the ACPR
Sogexia is financed and supported by BPI France
Sogexia is located in Lyon with its whole team
R. Füg
Sogexia is a young brand but has extensive experience in the banking and payments market through our experienced teams. We have a single core business: payment services, and we are entirely devoted to customer satisfaction and developing quality solutions.
— R. Füg, Commercial Director
Sogexia has expertise and recognised know-how in the field of payment solutions. This is why thousands of consumers and companies from all industry sectors trust us everyday for more than 6 years.

Our main partners

Connect the merchants and ATMs to our platform
Funds sequestration and sponsorship
Transfers and direct debits routing with the other banks

They trust us